Visiting Tallinn

Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, is the northernmost Baltic state, and is home to a lovely old town and a majestic waterfront path that runs east of the city. In this post, I describe top restaurants & bars and things to do in Tallinn.

“e-Estonia” is ahead of its time when it comes to Internet connectivity. The country has one of the highest Internet penetration rates – as high as 75%, and they have been voting on line for more than a decade!

Before visiting, check out this great site to learn a few fast facts about Estonia. I had no idea Estonia is to thank for space food, Skype, and more!

As always, if you have been to Tallinn and have more suggestions please provide them in the comment section below!

tallinn oldtown.png

Best Things to Do in Tallinn

  • .On your first day in Tallinn, I highly recommend the 2 hour Tallinn Free Tour,  through Old Town Tallinn. These tours are available in each of the Baltic States, and are a great way to get a feel for the historic part of the capital cities.IMG_5758.JPG
    • The tour is FREE, but be sure to tip your tour guide who is volunteering their time to teach you a thing or two about their history and culture.
    • I recommend tipping at least €5 per person.
  • Rent bikes from City Bike and take the trail along the coast east out to Pirita Beach. The trail runs through one of the most magical waterfront forests I have ever seen!
    • City Bike also offers cycling tours of the city or day-long cycling trips. I personally found cycling on the cobblestones to be uncomfortable, but if you get a city bike with large enough wheels you should be fine!

Best Restaurants & Bars in Tallinn

  • For herbivores and carnivores alike, Vegan Restoran is a must visit! The food was among the tastiest we had while in Tallinn. I recommend trying the lentil filled zucchini, the quinoa turnip cutlet and/or the beetroot ravioli! IMG_5626.JPG
  • Pegasus has some of the best bread in Tallinn and their gin and rose lemonade is out of this world (see the picture to the right)! A great spot for happy hour or drinks and starters.
  • Farm was recommended to us by a local as a place locals go for traditional Estonian cuisine that isn’t too touristy. We were surprised by the seemingly-Viennese interior, but loved the bread, soup, and entrees!
  • For traditional Estonian cuisine in a more touristy, but still a lot of fun, setting check out the Beer House, where you can get a pint of local beer and try the infamous friend garlic rye bread!
    • This restaurant is right next to Korsaar a pirate-themed restaurant , which we didn’t make it to, but has great reviews!
  • Our favorite bar was Infusion Mixology Bar (see pictures below). The bar opened in July 2018, and the four young men who started it have put a lot of effort into designing the menu, which consists of amazing cocktails (priced at or below €10). Each cocktail features local Estonian ingredients and is picture perfect when it comes to presentation!

Infusions Cocktails.png

  • If you like Depeche Mode, be sure to check out the dive bar that only plays Depeche Mode and has pinball machines – it’s called the Depeche Mode Bar
  • If you’re looking for a fancy evening head to Noa Restaurant. We didn’t make it there, but locals love it and the NYTimes recently featured it in one of their articles on the Baltic States. It’s located outside of Old Town, along the coast east of the city center.

Best way to get to Tallinn

Travelling to Tallinn by bus: When we visited, we took the LUX Express bus from Riga, which took 4.5 hours and cost <$20 per person. The bus exceeded my expectations, as it was incredibly clean, had great Wi-Fi and a nice selection of movies on screens in front of each seat, and it offered free coffee on-board. Not to mention, the customer service is great (we accidentally booked our bus on the wrong day and they put us on the next bus free of charge!).

Travelling to Tallinn by boat: When we left Tallinn we took a Tallink Cruiseferry to Stockholm. Tallink has multiple routes from Tallinn to Helsinki, Stockholm, and more. I highly recommend working a cruise in to your trip to the Baltics!  For two people our overnight cruise (which accounted for transportation and lodging) was ~$100 per person. This exceeded our $60/night per two people, but was a highlight of your trip!

IMG_3249.JPG   IMG_5859.JPG

**I am going to write a blog post on our experience cruising from Tallinn to Stockholm, and will include the lessons we learned, that I wish I had known in advance! I’ll update you, and link to that post, when it’s available!


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